Thursday, September 15, 2011

Surprise = Update.

So I called OTE and about the Sima, The first call about the sima went good. All papers were in order and I can get the Sima on Monday. (Now, that have to be seen, before I smile and jump of joy.)

Second call went also good and OTE told me that they will come with the new router on Tuesday before 12.00 (that also to be seen)

Now for some lunch and then of to work.


Kalimera = Good Morning

It’s morning and time for some calls, First it will be for the Sima (stick for the old town) and then the OTE Greek company that don’t deliver what they say.

Let see what they will blame on now, what I have missed and what I have not done. It’s always something.

I don’t raise my voice many times in my life but I think I have to learn to do it here in Greece to get somewhere.

Will report later or in the evening.

Well, Channel found a sleeping place…. In my wok pan. The kitchen is full of cats waiting for me to give them some snack. I give them some hame to get them out of the kitchen to make some breakfast.


Just something positive today!

This is what I'm waiting for to come soon to a computer near you!!!

Love, brilliance and fun!!!

Hole in the ground!!!

I think it time for me and my cats to start digging a hole in the ground as there is more taxes to come on the bills that we already paying. Cutting down salaries in the private sector and then raising everything else. If you are not on your own and don’t have your own business you will not survive.

Time to think if it time to move back to Sweden???? Don’t know if it will be better there but the salary for sure is better.

I can honestly say that I’m already not surviving now.   

Time for bed and hope to get some sleep, without thinking about this.  If you want to read more about the greek economy and what happening you can visit this page. 

Good night!!!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Thank s for the air condition!!!!

It’s still hot down here and I’m getting tired of it, now for some rain and cooler nights.

The house is full of new kittens as Mathia gave birth to 4 new ones. It took me 2 hours to find them and take them home. Mathia hesitated to come along but finally did it and now they are living in a box in the living room.

So soon I will have additional tiny feet running all over the place. There are 2 kittens at the garbage place that I found today. I know that one of them is coming to my house for food. I don’t know about the other one.

Well, this evening became very late and it time for some beauty sleep.


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Ordinary Day

So, 2nd morning in the week and same procedure like every day. First put water for coffee and then time for cats. Change water fill up the bowls with dry food and then wet food. The house is full with about 30 cats at the same time.

Time for breakfast and then answer all emails. Then time for work. Mornings are the most stressful time of the day.

This is what I listen to right now to feel good.

Enjoy your day!!!!

Kali dulia!!!!!!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Why this blog???

Some time I wonder what to write about and in which language. I consider myself to be an open person with all of the aspects of my life. But some of them are very private.

Do I know where to draw the line? There are probably many ethnical considerations like friends, my love life and my private life. What do you write and where do you stop.

As I live alone with lots of cats and they don't have so much to say it's easy to write about them.

Will it be boring blog then????


Couple of weeks ago they put out guards outside the entrances to old town and you have to have a special sticker (Sima in greek) to get in to the old town. Between 10.00-1.00. So I have to park outside for now.

This is usually during the summer time (high tourist season). To get a sticker you have to apply for it in the Old Town's counsel. So I did. I just bought new scooter and had all the papers ready, so I thought.

(Now to the illegal part)

I moved into a house almost 2 years ago and we never signed a contract. I thought it was okay and the only problem was that the landlord would not pay taxes. That is one truth. But also it effects me as I could not deduct the rent from the tax papers so I got the landlords A.F.M number (greek social security number and could deduct the rent.

Now, I still had not the contract. So I needed that when applying for the Sima. I contacted my landlord and I fixed the papers and he had just to sign.

Last week I went to apply again for the 2nd time for the sima and now on Thursday I will find out if they will give me or not.

During that time I have to park outside.

During these weeks I have seen that for some people (many) it does not matter as they are Greeks and just pass by anyway. (I feel very much discriminated as a foreigner)

You remember the cat that I took from the kids outside my house. I have named him Rascal.  He is one. I have another 2 that don’t have name. One looks like mini Flekke and one is black with little bit of white. Also today I found Mathia with here 4 kids. It went fast. After long day it time for some sleep before going early to work tomorrow.


Monday Morning!!

Time for the vet and vaccination.

It have been long break from the blog and massive things to do. But now it time for a daily update.
So this morning it first the vet and then some taking care of the cats some breakfast and call OTE (Phone company in Greece) and fight for my rights.

They take payment for something they can't deliver. Well what a suprice!!!!!!!!